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Creative Director

Open EL.A. is an immersive art experience taking form as a cult-like organization, campaign and pop-up gallery/retail installation space.  The Open EL.A. campaign is marketed through various activations such as instagrammable interactive street art, murals, wheat paste posters, billboard advertisments, online digital content, etc.  The content aims to satirically poke fun at our current culture of trolls, bullys, bros, fuck boys, and hyper masculinity with an extra emphasis placed on social media validation seekers, selfie takers, and so-called influencer's; all whom suffer from a new fictitous disease named P.V.E.D. (Post Validation Emptiness Disorder).  Open EL.A. claims to be the cure for this new disorder and invites those affected to “log out, unplug, and kill their self importance” by visiting the retail/gallery space Open Mart EL.A.  The store sells custom limited edition merchandise ranging from tshirts to cell phone cases as well as small art objects and fine art prints.  All proceeds go towards the continual effort to treat P.V.E.D. related symptoms.

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